Power Plant Inspection Services

Power Plant Inspection Services are performed by professional electrical companies to ensure the safety and functionality of an electricity plant. These inspections can include Eddy current testing, Ultrasonic guided waves testing, and in-situ condition monitoring. The process helps detect potential problems before they become major and prevent unexpected failures. The benefits of such inspections include increased operational efficiency, reduced costs, and improved safety.

Flyability’s Elios UAV

Flyability’s Elios UAV is designed for indoor operations and provides collision-tolerant, dust and splash-resistant flight. It can fly close to people and is easily piloted by anyone after just a couple of hours of training. It has the ability to be integrated into an inspection workflow, gathering visuals in minutes rather than hours.

TUV Rheinland’s MISTRAS

In recent years, TUV Rheinland has been increasing its geographic presence by adding a facility in West Unity, Ohio. This facility is equipped with a customized automated magnetic particle system to meet customer’s requirements. It also introduced an ETi-300 advanced flaw detector, a state-of-the-art eddy current device that can examine non-ferrous tubing for cracks, breaks, and other defects. This service offers end-to-end Tube inspection solutions.

Flyability’s Elios 3

Flyability’s Elios 3 drone is capable of gathering data in a variety of dangerous areas. Its advanced collision-tolerant design allows it to bounce off and roll on obstacles. It is easy to pilot, even for people with no drone experience. It is equipped with a thermal and full HD camera. It also has an onboard LED lighting system, with intensity that can be remotely controlled.

MISTRAS’s ECT probes

ECT is a powerful tool that can be used to inspect nuclear power plants. This inspection method uses an alternating current field to measure material properties without causing damage to the structure or materials. ECT can be performed with various methods, including remote field testing, pulsed eddy current testing, and eddy current array. Companies that use ECT for power plant inspection include General Electric, Olympus Corporation, Ashtead Technology Ltd., Mistras Group, and Eddyfi NDT.

TUV Rheinland’s Elios 3

TUV Rheinland has announced the availability of a new drone, the Elios 3. The drone’s close-up inspection payload provides a 180-degree field of view and is equipped with a thermal camera and distance sensor for superior image quality. It also features a new lighting system and a modular payload bay for multiple payloads. This unique design provides operators with the aerial capabilities needed for a wide range of upcoming applications.


AETOS, a member of the MISTRAS Group, is a leading provider of non-destructive testing inspection services and aerial robotic technology. The company’s revolutionary technologies have revolutionized inspection and maintenance processes. By combining the best platforms and technologies, the company is able to reduce the risk associated with inspections and maintain power plants in top condition.