Nilai International School Malaysia

Nilai International School‘s Mission of Nilai International School is to provide all-round-achievers and have a proven academic track record, an extensive co-curricular portfolio, meaningful community service, and a technologically supported educational environment. We aim to provide the highest percentage of students accepted to university. We’ll continue to enhance the facilities at our school and also improve our the curriculum. We’re committed to providing pupils with exceptional moral character and exceptional behavior. To this end it is our intention to work in the direction of enhancing the school’s cultural of social responsability.

Nilai International School

Located near located near the Multimedia Super Corridor, Nilai International School Malaysia is just 15 minutes’ drive from Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Along with its excellent site, students can travel to school using through the North-South Expressway or the KLIA-Sepang ELITE Highway. In addition to the excellent school’s educational performance, students can also expect an enlightened education.

Nilai International School Malaysia is a member the prestigious UK Boarding School Association. The school is able to provide a excellent education, as well as British qualifications. Your child will graduate with the Cambridge International School diploma that can prepare him to pursue further studies. Students learn global issues and appreciate all aspects of the planet. Nilai is committed to promoting international citizenship. Here are some advantages of Nilai and the reasons you should apply.

Nilai International School Malaysia offers a top-quality education and the rich heritage of culture. Faculty at Nilai care about and dedicated in providing students with the most effective education available. To ensure that students are successful using the latest technology, they utilize proven methods and resources for academics. Teachers at Nilai International School Malaysia deliver both the Cambridge International and English National Curriculum programmes. Apart from that there are classes in Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin, as well as Islamic Studies.

Another international school that is independent in Malaysia is the prestigious Epsom College. It is situated at Petaling Jaya, is part of the Council of British International Schools. The school was founded in 1946 and has since grown to include over 50 nations. Students who graduate from the school are multilingual or bilingual. There are two campuses at Petaling Jaya and employs 80 percent of its staff who are from overseas.

Heritage International School

Heritage International School’s aim is to create a sense of acceptance and respect so that students can be citizens of the world. The school strives to offer a well-rounded education for students that develop a solid sense of personal responsibility and an exemplary level of achievement. Additionally, it strives to facilitate the development of moral and ethical values, a vital characteristic of an individual who is a global citizen. Heritage International School is a place where students can learn from a variety of experiences. Heritage International School, students have access to a array of experiences in learning, that allow them to become knowledgeable in their academics.

Heritage International School focuses on the development of every student, developing the ability to be active and social and emotional well-being. It teaches children to become responsible citizens and uphold values such as integrity and self-esteem. The nurturing atmosphere helps them become visionaries and leaders that can improve their community. As a result, they have a better understanding of the challenges ahead. Their educational journey begins with Heritage International School and continues with their academic and extracurricular programs.

Heritage International School was founded in 1994 by missionaries and places a great emphasis on multiculturalism. Heritage International School offers an international Primary Curriculum and a variety of academic programs, that range from Advanced Placement to the American High School Diploma. It has a great reputation in the local area and got very good feedback from students. The school is recognized through its parent organization, the Middle States Association of Schools and Colleges (MSA) as well as the Association of Christian Schools International.

Vikas International School

Vikas International School, a coeducational institution that has classes starting from kindergarten until tenth grade. It is known as the Vikas International Schools. The school was started through the efforts of Dr. S. Gunasekaran in 1996 and offers a great education experience for every student. Since the class size is low, and teachers are not ratios, teachers have the ability to observe the students’ development. Additional activities, such as dancing or public speaking, as well as creative writing are supported.

The VIS community is a network comprised of members who have a commitment in promoting global communication and consciousness. The Principal, Vice Principal and Coordinators are in charge. The school emphasizes the importance of education and offers a wide range of experiences in the arts. VIS includes separate music and dance rooms in addition to a hostel and one medical clinic. VIS promotes global thinking among students and emphasizes co-curricular activities such as Taekwondo, art, as well as sports.

EtonHouse International Preschool Melaka

The EtonHouse Preschool International Melak campus is situated in Melaka, Malaysia. It is a real international learning experience. Its goal is to engage children academically, mentally emotionally, and physically. It’s based upon internationally recognized most effective practices, and aimed to develop the entire child. Between the ages of 18 months and six years old, kids of all nationalities can enrol at the school.

EtonHouse’s international preschool Melakak was launched in the year. It is an international preschool that caters to children aged three through eighteen. It offers boarding as well as several academic programs based on the internationally acclaimed IPC Curriculum. Secondary school is a place where students can prepare to take IGCSE/GCSE exam. The IBDP exam is also offered to students.

Charterhouse International School

Charterhouse International School Malaysia applicants are required to demonstrate academic excellence and the ability to help others , and have a proven leading role. Charterhouse’s characteristics of compassion as well as leadership, imagination and creativity must be demonstrated. Here are some criteria Charterhouse is seeking when it comes to prospective students. Students looking for a top-quality education will be at to be a great choice. Students can prepare in preparation for the Cambridge International A level examination through this school’s academic program.

Established by a small group of British education professionals in The UK, Charterhouse International School Malaysia has a rich history of service and quality. Charterhouse International School Malaysia has been committed to enhancing the skills and personality of its students and encourages a sense belonging in the school. It aims to satisfy the different needs of children and contributes to the overall community. Charterhouse Malaysia hopes to establish the foundations of Malaysia’s education system and help develop leaders for the to come.

Charterhouse Malaysia is the Carthusian first school established located in Malaysia and offers a rich education experience for students. They have a staff that is proficient in teaching the subjects of A-levels in addition to providing assistance with university or career planning. Charterhouse Malaysia offers sports and community outreach activities. Charterhouse Malaysia’s academic standards are quite high. This means that students must demonstrate academic strength in exam of national or international standards. Apart from superior academic performance, they must exhibit traits of responsibility as well as perseverance, openness, and a sense of responsibility.

Greenview Islamic International School

In Petaling Jaya, Greenview Islamic International School Malaysia is a unique blend of Islamic tradition and modern education. They emphasize fostering positive attitudes and promote an education based on values. Greenview Islamic School’s positive teaching methodology and style helps students to develop a sense of self and an understanding of their responsibility. Their students are given the chance to discover the interests of their students and develop their critical thinking skills.

The school provides classes for both primary and secondary levels. The Bangi branch can be found in a mall, Shah Alam is in an entirely separate building. Despite the name, the school is predominantly Malay. In fact, Greenview has a large number of Malay-speaking pupils. A lot of Malay Muslim families in Malaysia love it, as they are worried about potential negative effects of the internet.

Greenview Islamic International School provides students with English as a second language in addition to an Islamic base. Greenview students receive an international education , and learn in a manner that incorporates different cultures. Its academic programs focus in preparing students for issues of the future. The school is registered as a Cambridge centerthat ensures students are taught English as their first languages, and that they are able to balance international as well as Malaysian situations. This ensures a well-rounded education , and an enduring foundation of Islamic teachings.