How to Become a Malaysian Psychologist

There are several ways to become a Malaysia psychologist. You can either start working after completing a few years of pre-university study or pursue a degree in psychology. Both options can lead to lucrative careers, and salaries for psychology graduates can easily exceed $100,000. You will also be able to earn your Master’s degree and work in the field for a number of years, and eventually get a PhD. A Master’s degree in psychology is required to become a licensed psychologist in Malaysia.

Salary of a clinical psychologist in Malaysia

The highest-paid positions in the field are in universities. However, there are also NGOs and charities that offer full-time positions for qualified psychologists. However, the majority of professionals go into private practice. As a result, their incomes are highly dependent on the number of clients they see in a month. This means that many psychologists work at more than one practice. This is one reason why salary of a clinical psychologist in Malaysia can vary widely.

A clinical psychologist in Malaysia must hold an advanced degree in psychology. In addition, they must have at least 1500 hours of supervisory and clinical experience in order to be fully qualified. Clinical psychologists are regulated by the Malaysian Allied Health Professions Act. Their primary role is to provide psychotherapy and help patients who have mental health problems. In addition, they help with research and counseling. They also work with hospitals, clinics, and doctors.

Entry requirements for a clinical psychologist in Malaysia

The entry requirements for a clinical psychologist in Malaysia are usually a Master’s degree in Psychology and at least 700 hours of supervised practice during the course of study. These hours should include direct placement with clients. The Allied Health Professions Act 2016 regulates the practice of clinical psychology in Malaysia. The role of a clinical psychologist is to provide psychological assessment and diagnose mental health problems. The job also requires communication skills and experience in dealing with individuals.

The entry requirements for a clinical psychologist in Malaysia are usually very similar to those for other professions. A master’s degree in psychology is the minimum requirement, though some may choose to specialise in a particular area. It’s also recommended to complete a practicum and internship during your studies. If you’re planning to go into private practice, you should consider earning a PhD. The education required to become a clinical psychologist in Malaysia can take 6 to 8 years, depending on your level of qualification.

Career prospects for a clinical psychologist in Malaysia

In Malaysia, there are good career prospects for qualified people who have studied psychology. The Ministry of Health reported that seven million people suffer from psychological distress. However, the number of psychological professionals in Malaysia is still low. There are only about 200 clinical psychologists in the country. In contrast, there are nearly nine thousand psychologists in the UK, serving a population of 67 million. Thus, the demand for these professionals is high in Malaysia.

The salary for a clinical psychologist in Malaysia is MYR 108,809 per year, or MYR 52 per hour. To become a clinical psychologist, you must have a master’s degree in psychology and a few years of professional experience. In Malaysia, you can even specialize in a certain age group or special needs group. You will also be required to be a member of the Malaysian Society of Clinical Psychology.