Choosing an Interior Designer in Kuala Lumpur

If you’re searching for an interior designer within Kuala Lumpur, you’re likely considering several options. There are a variety of options from AJM Interiors, Blaine Robert Design and Lifestyle and TKS Interior Design. But which one is the one you prefer? Which one is the best? Here are some guidelines to assist you in choosing the perfect style for your home. Continue reading to find out more. After all, you’ll be making a big investment in the purchase of a brand new house!

AJM Interiors

AJM Interiors is a Malaysian firm that offers design and construction services. Interior design firm’s team includes skilled architects and designers of different nations. The team focuses on fundamentals and identifies core client needs. The business builds solid connections with the stakeholders and develops an innovative design and solution. The interior design team of this company was involved in many of initiatives in KL.

AJM Interiors, one of the most well-known interior designers in Malaysia can be described as AJM Interiors. It has more than 20 years of experience as well as a wide portfolio. The clients have benefitted from the firm’s innovative designs and outstanding planning capabilities. They provide extensive consultation and project management, including selecting contractors, in addition to project oversight. AJM Interiors is a local company that has worked with clients in KL since the year 2000. They have completed many successfully-constructed projects. The company also offers space planning and architecture services.

AJM Interiors is a KL-based Interior design company that specialises in luxury home and commercial projects. The team of interior designers focuses upon the specific needs of each customer, and ensures the best craftsmanship and speedy completion of each project. The company uses neutral colours and materials in its designs. They also combine their aesthetic vision and the needs of their clients. Each and every project is finished by the staff using premium furniture.

IQI Concept

IQI Concept designers are passionate about designing spaces that match their clients’ individual taste as well as their budget and style. They are of the belief that creating the space that best reflects their individual preferences needs careful planning and implementation. IQI Concept prides itself in developing a strong relationship with its clients and making sure they offer the best possible services. If you want to know more about the way IQI Concept can help you in your endeavor learn more about the company.

Even though IQI Concept has a UK office, it does not provide free consulting services for those who reside in different nations. Users in Asia will be able upload an image or PDF of their space as well as contact them for further information. Consider using IQI Concept if you are uninspired in drawing or confident with your skills. There is also the option of sharing your room with a local business If you’re not able to find the time and energy to draw all of it you want to draw.

Blaine Robert Design & Lifestyle

BRD is an firm in interior design which focuses on customized high-end lifestyle options. Its aim is to create luxurious living spaces with a reasonable price. The creative team take great pride in each design, and strives to establish relationships with its clients. The team specializes in both commercial as well as residential interior design projects. For more information about Blaine Robert Design, read the article. Below are a few of our most cherished pieces.

Blaine Robert is an interior designer who has worked within the industry for nearly a decade. In the interview below, he talks about his experience and provides insight into Malaysian life. A growing number of luxurious residences and offices have facilitated the rise of this sector. Blaine Robert gives his insight about how he works and what his design work can offer you. Blaine Robert Design & Lifestyle offers more information on Blaine Robert Design and Kuwait’s interior designer.

Blaine’s portfolio includes a stunning variety of interior design projects, ranging from corporate offices to private homes. Blaine has years of experience which allows him to easily create an interior design in a way that’s practical and functional. Blaine will start renovations once that the client has endorsed his design. Blaine’s attention to detail ensures every room is original and practical. Clients can reap the benefits of his meticulousness.

TKS Interior Design

It is located situated on Crescent Blvd. Just west towards the east of Main St., in downtown Glen Ellyn, TKS Interior Design is a full-service Interior design-build company. The company’s experienced and skilled designers are able to assist you with all aspects in design, construction installation, and design. Your home’s new look will feel unique and welcoming. TKS Interior Design’s staff can help you create the home that you’ve always dreamed of. TKS Interior Design is here to aid you no matter whether you’re an aspiring homeowner or an expert designer.


If you’re in search of an architectural firm that caters to private clients and property builders located in Kuala Lumpur, look no further than InterSpatial Interior Designers. under the supervision of Director, Sam Lui, InterSpatial designs spaces that are stylish and practical, and their dedication to details and commitment to their customers’ ideas is unmatched. They make sure that projects are executed smoothly including budget management and management of the project.


Lisa Lambert is Associate Professor of Architecture at California College of the Arts and Chair of the California College of the Arts”Interior Architecture Programming. She was the creator of LAMBERT INTERRIOR DESIGN Klang. As a guest critic for UC Berkeley, she has held fellowships as an interior design fellow at INCITE Research Institute and Royal College of Art. Lambert is also on the Board of Trustees of Theatre Artaud as well as the San Francisco Art Institute. Additionally, she has held positions of leadership in the Division for Professional Development and the Interior Design Association.

Lambert Interior Design KL provides a range of services for professionals working full-time who desire top-quality design for their interiors but don’t have the time. They offer a one-stop solution to meet all of your requirements for interior design, which includes the design process, interior decorating, furniture and decor. They also offer consultancy services for interior design and spaces planning for residential and commercial projects. Their primary goal is to bring happiness to clients. This is why they are to busy individuals who are looking for distinctive designs and seek out innovative ideas.