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“Music is life itself”

– Louis Armstrong

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Are you looking for something graceful and stylish for your event? Jazz fusion is a musical genre which was developed in the late 1960s, combining jazz with rock music and rhythm. Jazz fusion requires sound and strong technical proficiency to truly bring out the soul of the music.

Walking Holidays

We perform songs that resound well with everyone, expect most to sing along to these all time favorite tunes, many will break out in dance too. Turn any occasion into a joyful, upbeat and memorable event! As one of the best wedding live band Malaysia, be rest assured that your wedding will be the best moment in your life.

Wanting to add some amazing sparkle to your event? Combine with most often consist of violins, viola, and cello. With a group of outstanding musicians, we bring fresh and stunning experiences to weddings and other events. 

Upcoming EVENTS

We have few events to perform our rock and roll spirits to all of the audiences ! Feel free to come and check out our event !